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We provide a range of services to help families and friends honor, remember, and celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have passed away

Funeral Arrangements

We appoint the best trained staff to assist the bereaved families with selecting the best funeral packages to suit your needs, ensuring a dignified send off for your loved ones.


Don't want to give your loved one their final send off the traditional way? Lebowa gives you the option to cremate your loved ones, instead of a traditional burial.


Lebowa offers embalming services, which is a process of preserving a body by delaying the natural effects of death. This is done by introducing specialist embalming solutions into the body after someone has passed away, helping to give them a more peaceful appearance.


We provide the best quality tombstone services in various sizes and designs, to erect for your loved ones.


Flower Arrangments

Videography & Sound

Graveside & Hospitality

Tents, Chairs And Toilets

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